The Creative Accelerator | 72-Hour Event, Begins Jan 28th
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This incredible offer is ONLY available for 72 hours…

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The only true measure of success is if you’re happy. What’s the point of starting a business, launching a blog, working from home as a freelancer – or following any of your passions – if it burns you out? This bundle is hand-selected to give you the practical tools to grow and succeed, with an emphasis on sustainable businesses, freelancing with joy, blogging as connection, and building the creative and prosperous lifestyle that you crave.







Author, International Retreat Leader and Creator of Sweet Spot Style, Desha Peacock’s first book was listed by Huff Post as one of THE BEST books to buy your girlfriend. Desha has coached hundreds of woman on how to create their Sweet Spot: a self­-defined place of success and beauty. Desha’s second book, Your Creative Work Space, will hit shelves in 2017.




Award Winning Mentor, Best Selling Co-Author, Expert for new Love Destination TV series. Sage for people who want to have the clarity and freedom to act from their deepest most loving intentions for life. Deborah guides you to access your intuitive body wisdom, the source of your creativity, so you can be your own guru. She has taught retreats around the globe.




Flora Bowley is an internationally celebrated painter, teacher, author and inspirationalist. Her book, Brave Intuitive Painting (Quarry Books, 2012), has sold over 40,000 copies and her next book, Creative Revolution, will be released in 2016. Flora spends her time painting, teaching, writing and dreaming among a vibrant community of artists in Portland, OR.




Tim Leffel is an award-winning travel writer, editor, and author of five books. His Cheapest Destinations Blog has been running since 2003 and his Perceptive Travel site has been named “Best Online Travel Magazine” and “Best Online Travel Journalism Site” by the top travel writing organizations.




Nicole Liloia, LCSW is a coach,therapist, and writer who helps smart yet stressed women make money doing work that they love so that they can enjoy success now instead of waiting for someday. She received her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University and is also the creator of the Authentic Affiliate Academy. She is a contributor to Huffington Post, Forbes, and Mind Body Green.




Caroline Balinska is a digital strategist, author, mentor and speaker. With over 17 years business & marketing experience, Caroline teaches entrepreneurs and small businesses how to create content that drives sales and attracts subscribers. Caroline lives in Europe, making money while on the move with only a laptop and her trusty microphone.




Caressa is an experienced business owner and strategist who specializes in helping people take their business ideas and launching them into successes. Caressa created CaressaLenae, a resource hub and community for new & aspiring business owners.




Heather Thorkelson is a location-independent business strategist, certified life coach, occasional Antarctic expedition guide, and founder of the Republic of Freedom. 45 countries traversed, 7 continents visited, and 7 countries inhabited outside of her homeland (Canada), Heather’s an entirely self-made woman who knows fear, uncertainty, and adventure (plus a few languages) like the back of her hand.



Christine Gilbert is the author of the popular blog Almost Fearless, and has been teaching creatives how to blog better since 2011. Her blog supports her family, travels and has launched many projects, including a documentary, an online food magazine, and a book for Penguin Random House. She’s also the 2014 National Geographic Traveler of the Year.




Amy Jones is an artist and a life coach. Oftentimes, a shift in perspective can make a huge difference. She’s committed to helping you make progress in your life in a way that is constructive, and has found over the years that love, kindness, compassion, and empathy work to help you achieve your goals.




Drew Gilbert has spent 19 years as an animator, illustrator, designer and more recently, filmmaker. He has worked on games for Fisher Price, Nickelodeon, Vivendi Universal and has animated everything from Blues Clues to the Simpsons. He’s traveled to over 40 countries, drawing in his trusty sketchbook the entire way.




Amber Kuivenhoven is the person behind The Ultimate Business Book where she blogs and creates products that help you become a better business owner, blogger and marketer. Over the past 3+ years she has owned multiple businesses.




As a web designer and freedom-seeker, Leah Kalamakis helps entrepreneurs have beautiful online homes and freelancers find freedom as creatives.




Zachary Strebeck is an attorney who runs his firm virtually while traveling the world. Zachary has been featured by the The Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle and is a contributor to Gamasutra.

_Contr_LisaJacobsShopFundamentals_ (1)



Lisa Jacobs is a marketing consultant for creative entrepreneurs. Her expertise comes from her own success in turning $100 of supplies into thousands of sales and a top-earning Etsy storefront. She freely shares her insights and strategy with like-minded entrepreneurial spirits on the blog, Marketing Creativity, and is the proud creator of The Luminaries Club: your creative business headquarters.


Over $2,000 worth of courses and products for $129. When you purchase you get an instant download with all the pdfs plus instructions on how to log into individual courses. All courses can be taken at your pace, and are guaranteed to be available online for at least ayear.

FreelanceLeap (1)

The LEAP Guide, by Leah Kalamakis and Heather Thorkelson (value $397)

Everything you need to know to start and grow your freelance business so you can quit your soul­-sucking job and start living on your own terms.
What’s Included:


  • 5 mega comprehensive modules with over 25 topics in a convenient online classroom.
  • Super actionable, downloadable PDF worksheets, checklists & scripts
  • Motivational videos for when you hit a slump.
  • The ultimate list of freelance resources
  • Access to the private Facebook group, The LEAP League.



Sweet Spot Style Your Bizby Desha Peacock (value $275)

The 6­ week Sweet Spot Style Your Biz Signature System will take you from brain fog to focused and ready to take inspired action. The program will help you connect with your higher purpose + creatively express who you are in your biz to attract your ideal clients, make more money and create the lifeSTYLE you crave.
What’s Included:


  • Each week of the 6 week course, you will receive a module containing beautifully designed lessons, worksheets and video.
  • Learn how to use the 7-Step Sweet Spot Style Signature System.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for networking and processing.



Build a Thriving Blog, by Christine Gilbert (value $360)

This 12 week online course takes you through your first year of blogging. Over 600 students have taken this course, with bloggers going on to get literary agents, win awards and make a full-time living with their blogs. With weekly video lessons, assignments and support, you’ll tackle everything from standing out in your niche, to which plugins to use, to troubleshooting your traffic patterns, to monetization and creating products.
What’s Included:
  • Weekly videos
  • Exercises to help you refine your ideas and streamline your processes
  • Access to our private Facebook group to provide support and guidance from our blogger community
  • Access to free resources like Lightroom presets and fonts



Bloom True Intuitive Paintingby Flora Bowley (value $39)

Ready to jumpstart your creative life? Bloom True Boot Camp is here to help!
Bloom True Boot Camp is a beautiful, downloadable, 38 ­page PDF designed to support and guide you on your path to creative freedom. The program includes 30 unique creative prompts, in ­depth teaching of Flora’s Brave Intuitive Painting process, audio prompts, music, useful links, creative resources, loving support, access to a private creative community and enough inspiration to kick­start any creative habit.
Please note that some of the prompts will be studio prompts, while others will apply more to your creative life off the canvas. No specific art materials are required, but having some basic supplies such as markers, pens, water­-based paints, pastels and paper will allow you to explore all the prompts in a variety of ways.
What’s Included:
  • A 38 ­page PDF designed to support and guide you on your path to creative freedom
  • 30 unique creative prompts, in ­depth teaching of Flora’s Brave Intuitive Painting process
  • Access to a private creative community
  • Audio prompts, music, useful links, creative resources designed to inspire you


ThreeProductsThreeWeeks (1)

3 Info Products in 3 Weeks,by Amber Kuivenhoven (value $197)

Have you ever wanted to created a kickass ebook, worksheet or course? Let Amber Kuivenhoven show you how with this practical and actionable course that walks you through creating 3 Info Products In 3 Weeks.
At the end of this course you will:
– have 3 kickass info products you can share with your audience
– know how to create any info product you want
– be able to grow your audience with content upgrades
– be able to build social proof for your business
What’s Included:
This value-packed course has 6 comprehensive modules which will cover the following:
  • The Basics
  • How to Create a Worksheet
  • How to Create an Ebook
  • How to Create a Mini-Course
  • Next Steps


BreakThruCreativeWalls (2)

Unblock Your Creativity, by Deb Lange (value $195)

Are you trying too hard?
Comparing yourself to others?
Waiting for magic to just happen?
Are you a Perfectionist or a Creator? Perfectionists get blocked. Creators keep going!
Deb Lange guides you to discover what you are doing and thinking that is blocking your creativity. She prompts you to start doing what it takes to be creative.
What’s Included:
  • Videos to watch with exercises to practice right there and then.
  • Journals to download with daily 10 minute exercises.
  • Audios to listen to and be guided to your creativity.
  • The videos are short – between about 3 – 5 minutes, some about 10 minutes.
  • The guidebooks you can print out and use as journals or create your own blank journal.
  • Questions to prompt you to discover insights.



Etsy Shop Fundamentals, by Lisa Jacobs (value $30)

Shop Fundamentals is the recipe for your Etsy shop’s success. This comprehensive program was built to help your online store stand out from the crowd.
spacerYou will learn:
  • How to understand and benefit from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in simple, no-nonsense terms
  • How and where to employ relevant keywords that will help more customers find you
  • The key elements of a visitor’s first impression and how to make yours count
  • How to keep your visitors interested and engaged
  • How to turn your visitors into paying customers
  • How to improve your listings and descriptions for maximum results (effective copywriting)
  • How to subtly address your customer’s doubts and concerns, and solidify their confidence to buy



Map Your Progress, by Amy Jones (value $15)

Map Your Progress is new approach to goal­setting—a way of visualizing progress and enjoying the process—so we can create sustainable momentum to move forward in our lives no matter what. Creative Progress Maps are drawings that represent goals, comprised of a number of swirls that represent each small action needed to reach the larger goal. Each time you take action, you color in a swirl to track your progress. Progress Mapping is the technique to get where you want to go, teaching you to identify each small action—or next right step—and how to move forward by being loving and kind to yourself.spacer
What’s Included:
  • Choose the downloadable map that visually represents your goal best.



Five-Day Content Challenge, by Caressa Thompson (value $77)

The Five-Day Content Challenge is built specifically for brand new or not‐quite‐started‐yet business owners. All of the content, classes, and resources are geared toward your early‐stage status (which means you’ll get applicable advice that you can use right away to start making progress). This course will help you effortlessly plan, outline and map out your content for at least 30 days to rinse & repeat for the remainder of the year.



How I Get Stolen Content Taken OFF the Internet, by Zachary Strebeck (value $97)


Content creators who have had their work stolen and reposted on the Internet know how awful that can be, both personally and for business. This course will teach you how to protect your content, and how to respond to stolen content including analyzing the situation and the right steps to follow to recover your content. Learn the method that I use both as an attorney and an online content creator to get stolen content taken off the internet.spacer
What’s Included:spacer
  • Over 31 lectures – 2.5 hours of content



Learn to Draw + Keep a Sketchbook, by Drew Gilbert (value $180)

Anyone can draw…


In this four week course you’ll find out that you can too. Artist Drew Gilbert teaches drawing foundations plus shows you how to SEE the world like an artist, and render anything as it LOOKS, breaking down the barriers that make realistic drawing difficult for most adults. Drawing is a great stress-reliever and brainstorming tool. Join us! It’s more fun to draw with friends.



The Live More E-Course, by Nicole Liloia (value $97)

You tried talking to your girlfriends about your goals and instead it became a misery-fest. How the hell did that even happen? You want MORE from life than people who keep you down and don’t change but you’re not sure exactly what that is. You need to get clear on what’s important to you in your life but you don’t even know where to begin. spacer
The Live More E­course is a year long journaling course that gives you 4 video tutorials and a weekly writing prompt for the year (yes a total of 52 prompts!) to help you discover your best life and how to move forward into it.spacer
What’s Included:spacer
  • Access to the 4 video tutorials
  • A full year of weekly writing prompts


Udemy (1)

Udemy for Entrepreneursby Caroline Balinska (value $97)

Udemy has over 500,000 unique visitors per month, tap into the potential of a huge audience hungry to learn. This video course will work you through step-by-step on what you need to do before, during and after launching your course.


Learn the secrets to massive success on Udemy.





Selling Your Art with Print on Demand, by Drew Gilbert (value $180)


LIMITED TIME BONUS: the first 1,000 people to purchase the Creative Accelerator will also get this $180 course on how to maximize exposure and sales on print on demand sites like Redbubble, Society 6, Zazzle and more…

BetterLifeHalfPrice_Leffel (1)

A Better Life at Half the Price, by Tim Leffel (value $22)


LIMITED TIME BONUS: the first 1,000 people to purchase the Creative Accelerator will also get this $22 ebook on how it’s possible to live overseas for a fraction of the cost of living in the United States.


There is no shortage of on-line courses and e-books promising to teach you how to make a million dollars overnight. The Creative Accelerator is bundle carefully curated with the purpose-driven creative in mind. The courses in this bundle are designed to empower you to design a holistic business that allows you to design a lifestyle that nourishes you. Because how we spend our days is how we spend our life.


10% of your purchase is going to SamaSchool to help low-income people also join the digital economy. 



SamaSchool is a San Francisco based non-profit that uses the internet to provide low-income people with training and jobs that connects them to the digital economy. We believe that the great gift of the internet is as an equalizing force, giving access to opportunity for everyone. Sama means equal in Sanskrit, and their training programs provide students with in-demand skills and resources to be successful in the 21st century. Because with work comes dignity and empowerment.



Here’s a great article on Wired about SamaSchool and the impact they are making in finding tech jobs for the world’s poorest people.